Say Anything

I made this as a birthday greeting to a friend not too long ago.  Occasionally when I can’t see them in person, and time allows it, I try to do more than just write a generic facebook message. Since this friend once had a still of the famous boombox scene from the movie Say Anything as his header photo, I thought it would be funny to make this.

I never meant to post this, but I found out that today is  the 25th anniversary of the release of the movie. So I might as well share it.

And just for the hell of it, here’s the video for Peter Gabriel’s beautiful song  ‘In Your Eyes’;

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Saw Captain America the other day.  Was a lot of fun.  I don’t usually have a problem with the fact that none of the heroes call the others Avengers for back up in their own movies.  I tend to accept that in the comics as well, so why make a big fuss about it.

But it’s a little odd that Hawkeye is the only Avenger who still remains unaccounted for.  You’d think they drop a line in there about his whereabouts. I guess we’ll find out in Avengers 2

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A trailer for the upcoming Ninja Turtles movie premiered today.  Since the ninja turtles are basically the whole reason why I wanted to be a comic book artist since I was 5 years old , I have certain…. feelings about it.

stripje turtles

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First Kiss


I’m sure you must’ve seen that video that’s went viral (which quite unsurprisingly turned out to be an ad for something or other.) but it left me with this nugget of an idea that I just had to get out.

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