A trailer for the upcoming Ninja Turtles movie premiered today.  Since the ninja turtles are basically the whole reason why I wanted to be a comic book artist since I was 5 years old , I have certain…. feelings about it.

stripje turtles

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First Kiss


I’m sure you must’ve seen that video that’s went viral (which quite unsurprisingly turned out to be an ad for something or other.) but it left me with this nugget of an idea that I just had to get out.

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Merry Christmas

I hope to have some new things on here soon, but for now here’s my Christmas “card ” for this year. I hope you like it*

I thought it would be fun to animate it for a change.

* I’m very sorry for inflictiing this on your retinas (not really).

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Happy Halloween!

halloweenimage_final_smallI actually intended to put this up last Halloween, and ended up not having enough time to properly finish it before the holiday. I guess I could’ve finished it at any moment, since it’s technically not really halloween themed, but it just ended up sitting in my harddrive for a year.

I don’t really celebrate Halloween, it’s not really a thing here in the Netherlands, although it is slowly creeping into our culture because of the influence of american pop culture.  The last couple of years I do tend to at least watch some horror films on on october 31st , as a form of recognition to the holiday. Hence my little tribute to some of the icons of horror watching movies on vhs.

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Illustration dump!

I’ve been having fun drawing anthropomorphised animals lately.
I particularly like the duck.  I’m thinking of using him in more things in the future. maybe a comic or something.



For some reason I also got on a bit of a nostalgic 90s kick, which led to this  series of drawings I call “Animals in terrible 90s clothes!”
Each one was inspired by a particular fashion style.  I’m probably missing a lot of different other ones (‘grunge’ is missing for example), but these were some iconic ones that came to mind.

And last week I got obsessed with pugs, and ended wasting an evening looking at pug videos on youtube. So naturally I had to draw this;

Don’t know why I gave him a schoolboy uniform. Probably because it’s ADORABLE!

You can probably expect more of these coming up. They’re fun and quick to do.  I also feel like some of these would work well on a t-shirt or something.  I’ll look into that.

A couple of weeks ago my love for the ninja turtles was reinvigorated by seeing the work of Mateus Santolouco. Apparently he’s the current artist on the comic. (Maybe that’s why I started to draw anthropomorphised animals ?) Anyway,  I was inspired and ended up drawing the first idea that popped into my head;

Ninja Turtles has been and still is, a huge influence on me.  I sometimes wonder if I would’ve outgrown drawing as a pastime, like most kids, if it weren’t for that cartoon.  But even as a child I was fascinated by the idea that you could grow a major beloved franchise out of something that started out as a doodle.
It was one, if not the main reason why I wanted to become comic book artist . I’m still not quite living that dream,  but I feel like I owe a lot to that franchise. I’m happy it’s gotten a resurgence, and am enjoying the cartoon on Nickelodeon.

Another big influence have been European comics.  When I was a child I didn’t really read any American superhero comics.  Instead I read comic books like Tin Tin, Asterix and Spirou. Occasionally I’d like to try to draw in a specific style and this was supposed to be  Spirou-esque.


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