Illustration dump!

I’ve been having fun drawing anthropomorphised animals lately.
I particularly like the duck.  I’m thinking of using him in more things in the future. maybe a comic or something.



For some reason I also got on a bit of a nostalgic 90s kick, which led to this  series of drawings I call “Animals in terrible 90s clothes!”
Each one was inspired by a particular fashion style.  I’m probably missing a lot of different other ones (‘grunge’ is missing for example), but these were some iconic ones that came to mind.

And last week I got obsessed with pugs, and ended wasting an evening looking at pug videos on youtube. So naturally I had to draw this;

Don’t know why I gave him a schoolboy uniform. Probably because it’s ADORABLE!

You can probably expect more of these coming up. They’re fun and quick to do.  I also feel like some of these would work well on a t-shirt or something.  I’ll look into that.

A couple of weeks ago my love for the ninja turtles was reinvigorated by seeing the work of Mateus Santolouco. Apparently he’s the current artist on the comic. (Maybe that’s why I started to draw anthropomorphised animals ?) Anyway,  I was inspired and ended up drawing the first idea that popped into my head;

Ninja Turtles has been and still is, a huge influence on me.  I sometimes wonder if I would’ve outgrown drawing as a pastime, like most kids, if it weren’t for that cartoon.  But even as a child I was fascinated by the idea that you could grow a major beloved franchise out of something that started out as a doodle.
It was one, if not the main reason why I wanted to become comic book artist . I’m still not quite living that dream,  but I feel like I owe a lot to that franchise. I’m happy it’s gotten a resurgence, and am enjoying the cartoon on Nickelodeon.

Another big influence have been European comics.  When I was a child I didn’t really read any American superhero comics.  Instead I read comic books like Tin Tin, Asterix and Spirou. Occasionally I’d like to try to draw in a specific style and this was supposed to be  Spirou-esque.


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