Another mash-up

I guess a fun side effect of having always been shy about self promition is that I can pull out old art I’ve only shown to few people and show it to a whole new audience. While browsing an old photobucket account I stumbled upon this drawing I made back in 2009, when Disney acquired Marvel.

It seems my most popular work are the pop culture mash ups I’ve posted up here, so I thought I might as well put this up here.  I know, shameless,  but I still like the drawing.

Obviously  this was made back when the movies of The Avengers and Green Lantern were still pretty far away.  We still had no idea how those franchises would end up outside of the comic market.
Seeing as how Disney/Marvel dominates the superhero movie market right now, and The Green Lantern movie pretty much flopped, I find it funny how that joke in the corner has become really dated.

I don’t think I have any more pop culture mash ups laying around, so next time I’ll post something original again.

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