Since this thing is called a “sketch” blog and I haven’t posted any sketches yet, I thought it would be fun to show how the previous silly image came to be.


This was the original doodle I drew on paper. As you can see it’s very rough and messy.  Luke seems to have been a hybrid of Luke, Leia and Chewie. I wasn’t quite sure yet who was going to be in the image.  Han also has two facial expressions.   This was just to get the basic idea and composition down and get started.

abramsstarwars_sketch2After scanning the sketch, the main work is done on the computer.

I usually draw directly in Photoshop these days and don’t even bother with drawing on paper. It saves in clean up time.  It’s just easier to get a sketch done on the computer and fix mistakes, or change ideas along the way. It becomes a hassle when you settled on an image, then have to scan it in and also take time to clean that scan, only to find out you want to change things afterwards.

abramsstarwars_sketch3As you can see the original idea also had a toddler Spock and Uhura in it, reacting to the whole thing. That idea made it up till the cleaning stage of the line art. At the last moment I decided the drawing would be too busy and was clear enough with just Kirk being abandoned.

Just a quick glimpse in my process of putting a silly idea into an illustration.

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2 Responses to Sketches

  1. elainaunger says:

    Hey there, I wanted to say your sketches are great! I nominated you for the Liebster Blog award, so here’s the link to my blog for you to accept it:

    • bob thiele says:

      Thank you. I’m not really familiar with these blog traditions like the liebster award. But I’ll play along and save that for a rainy day. I guess I ‘ll need to find some blogs first, so I can share it with them.

      Thanks for following my blog!

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