My graduation film

I was looking at some old stuff and came across my graduation film. I might as well show it here.
My art school experience hasn’t exactly been the greatest time of my life and I don’t tend to look very fondly on anything I’ve made during that period.

I’ve never been too happy with the end result of my graduation film. I guess it goes for anything that you’ve struggled to make, that you can’t look at it objectively anymore at a certain point. I can only see the flaws and because of the constant reminde how terrible it was to make, I couldn’t stand the sight of it anymore ( let alone wanting to share it with anyone). I wanted to redo the whole thing,  so I never really showed it to anyone.

Another reason I was never ecstatic to share it with the world is the fact that I’ve never been able to get original music for it, and had to make do with unliscenced music, wich was supposed to be a temp track.

But looking back on it now, two years removed from making it, I think I’m sorta ok with it.  I still don’t think it’s awesome, but I’m happy I’ve been able to make an animated short at all.

Maybe I’ll even make another one someday.



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