30 Day drawing challenge – Days fourteen and fifteen

Latest two;

Day 14 – Your favourite book character

Emma Morley from the book ‘One Day’.  Kinda tough to draw a normal person and make it specific to the book without putting them in a certain scene. So I just took Anne Hathaway’s wardrobe from the movie version. (which still doesn’t make her recognizable unless you happen to really know that film, but what can you do? )

Day 15 – A character from you favourite board or video gameDay_15

I don’t really play videogames these days. I occasionally try, but I always feel like I’m wasting my time and could be doing more useful things.  But I always like The Legend of Zelda.  One of the few games that still is able to transport me to another world in the same way a good movie or book can do. That said, I still haven’t played the last one that came out last year.  Maybe something I can do over the holidays.

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