30 day drawing challenge – Days seven to thirteen

Yikes, I’ve neglected the blog a bit.  I guess I can make it up by having a big update then.

I didn’t quit with the challenge. I’ve kept up with it, albeit not every day. But here are the ones I haven’t posted yet.

Day 7; “your family or a family member” My brother

This one was a quickie, so it’s a bit  simple. I like the likeness enough (although my brother would dispute that it looks like him). But it misses something. I’m not in the habit of drawing my family, so I felt a little uncomfortable doing this.  I might try again someday to get a better handle on the guy. He deserves a better portrait.

Day 8; “Something with your favourite colour” ;  Green Arrow


Aaah, Green Arrow, one of the lamer DC superheroes.  I’ve never read a Green Arrow comic in my life, and I’m not even sure if he even featured as a guest in any of the comics I have read.  But I always liked the modern day robin hood look.  And I’m not gonna lie,  that look is probably why I was once obsessed with buying a green hoodie so I would have that option  in my wardrobe. (finding one was harder than you think it would be).

Day 9; “your favourite cartoon or anime character”;  Batman


I wasn’t a particular fan of Batman when I was a child.  I didn’t read superhero comics back then,  the Adam West show seemed to goofy to me as someone who didn’t yet understand the concept of ‘camp’ and I found the movie too scary as a six year old.

(I remember specifically during christmas day, that I was playing in a corner with my toys away from the tv when the movie premiere. I would only occasionally look at what was going on whenever the joker wasn’t on screen.)

But that all changed when I saw the first episode of Batman the animated series.  That show first introduced me to the richness of the character.  It was so very different from anything I’d seen of the character before and I’ve been a fan ever since.

That particular cartoon has definitely been a huge influence on me.

These next three speak for themselves;

Day 10; “Something you couldn’t live without”: My prescription glasses


Day 11: “Your favourite food”:  Lasagne


Day 12;” An inanimate object; Some headphones

Day 13; “A group picture”


I got a little too enthusiastic with the details of this one.   It’s an homage to Les Misérables (and a little bit of a wink to the famous revolution painting by Delacroix).
I’ver never read the book and only recently bothered to look up the music of the musical. But ever since I saw the trailer for the new film adaptation it’s been on my mind. Turns out I actually really like the story and the musical they made out of it.  This drawing was a lot of fun to do.

So, that’s it for now. Stay tuned for more but don’t expect the next ones to be as detailed as this last one though 😉

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